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Champ Cooper Elementary

Champ Cooper Elementary School

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Champ Cooper School exists to prepare students to master fundamental skills in all curriculum areas and guide students toward their maximum achievement. Each classroom provides a structured environment where students are given opportunities to be successful and are encouraged to do critical and creative thinking. The school provides for individual differences through varied instructional programs.

We strive to foster positive teacher-student relationships which results in scholastic growth for our students and the advancement of their creative abilities.  Learning activities provide experiences for students to make appropriate decisions in order to become responsible adults within our society.

Champ Cooper Elementary School

School News

After School Programs

The Tangipahoa Parish School System is committed to providing after school programs that accelerate and enrich our students. Due to a bus driver shortage, we will postpone this district initiative until January. This will give us time to complete a bus driver training cycle to secure additional drivers for our program. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Spirit Shirt Order Form

Please complete the Spirit Shirt Order Form and send in to your child's homeroom teacher with payment. Payment can be cash, checks or Money Orders made out to Champ Cooper School.  Thanks

New Schedule for 2021


Continued growth in the Champ Cooper community has made it necessary for us to change our school schedule and our bus routes.  In previous years, we have had all PK - 8th grade students transported to and from school on the same buses and beginning and ending school at the same time.

Starting in August of 2021 our procedures will change as indicated below:


Morning Drop Off

5th - 8th grade drop off time will be 7:05 AM; Classes begin at 7:35 AM

PK - 4th grade drop off time will be 7:45 AM; Classes begin at 8:15 AM


School End Times

5th - 8th ending bell will be at 2:35 PM

PK - 4th ending bell will be at 3:15 PM


Buses will pick up and drop off 5th - 8th grade first.

Buses will pick up and drop off PK - 4th grade second. 

It is very important that parents understand that only students in the correct grade groups will be allowed to enter the bus during their assigned time.

For example, if you have an 8th grader and a 2nd grader, when the bus makes its first stop in the morning, the 8th grader will get on the bus and the 2nd grader will not be allowed to get on with the older sibling.  40 minutes later when the bus returns for its second run, then the 2nd grader would be picked up and brought to school.

They will do the same in the evening, dropping off 5th - 8th grade at home first, then PK - 4th grade second.  This may require parents to adjust their schedules as well.



If families have children within only one of the grade groups, please drop you child off during the appropriate times. 

If a parent has children in both groups, you may drop them between 7:20 and 7:35.


You must contact the principal with any concerns or special assistance you may need related to this new schedule.

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