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Arrival and Dismissal

Bell Times


Morning Drop Off

5th - 8th grade drop off time will be 7:05 AM; Classes begin at 7:35 AM

PK - 4th grade drop off time will be 7:45 AM; Classes begin at 8:15 AM


School End Times

5th - 8th ending bell will be at 2:35 PM

PK - 4th ending bell will be at 3:15 PM


*Half Day Dismissal begins at 11:15 AM*

Afternoon Dismissal

All children will remain in class with their teacher.

Bus riders will be dismissed first. Each bus will be called one at a time.

After buses, AfterCare students will be dismissed to the Auditorium.

Finally Carpoolers will be dismissed one by one from the classroom.

In order to help this move quickly, it is important for parents to keep your carpool tag in clear view so we can see your child's name. Each parent will be issued a sign for your car on the first day.

Champ Cooper Campus Map

First page of the PDF file: 2020ChampCooperMap